The Texas All Stars Synchronized Skating team is a recognized 501(c)(3) organization. 


The Texas All Stars Synchronized Skating Team’s purpose is to encourage harmony and cooperation in the promotion of and participation in the sport of figure skating by all persons regardless of race, religion, color, age, gender or national origin.

We currently have four teams and train at the Children's Health StarCenter located in McKinney, Texas.  Synchronized skating is one of the fastest growing disciplines in figure skating.  Teams are composed of 8-20 skaters who perform together, in constant motion, with synchronized moves, footwork and patterns.  Texas All Stars is open to skaters of all ages and skating ability.  Teams are formed each year at the end of August.

Becoming a member of a competitive synchronized skating team requires that you make a personal commitment to your coaches and teammates that you will dedicate yourself to providing the time, energy, and skill level required of a team skater. A team functions as a unit and just one person missing from a practice or performance can cause that unit to not function properly. Being a member of a team can be a very rewarding experience that includes travel, competition, team spirit and new friends.

Synchronized Skaters are athletes. We expect each skater to be fit. We encourage skaters to have a daily exercise regime and maintain a healthy diet.  We encourage all of our members to advance their skating skills throughout the year by taking private lessons or classes. All of these are vital parts of being an exceptional synchro skater.

Meet The Teams


Majority of Ages 6 and under. 

Primarily Skate School Basic 2 and/or ISI Pre-Alpha Tested and up.

No Synchro Experience Required 

Practice Tuesdays 5:15PM to 5:45PM

Junior Youth

Majority of Ages 8 and under. 

Primarily Skate School Basic 4 and/or ISI Alpha Tested and up.


No Synchro Experience Required

Practice Tuesdays 5:15PM to 5:45PM


Majority of Ages 9 to 11.

Skate School Freestyle 1 and/or ISI Freestyle 1 tested and up. 


Ideally 1 Year of Experience of skating on a synchro team. 

Practices Saturday 8:45AM to 9:30AM (Off Ice as needed)

Senior Youth

Majority of Ages 12 to 14. 


Skate School Freestyle 3 and/or ISI Freestyle 3 tested and up. 


Min. 1 Year of Experience of on a synchro team.

Practices Saturday 8:15AM to 9:00AM (Off Ice as needed)

Meet The Coaching Team

Lisa Cushley

Coach Lisa is a former National Champion of Great Britain. She has 11 years of British International team member representing Great Britain at Junior Worlds, European, World and Olympics. She has over 20 years of teaching experience coaching all levels from beginner to National Champions and enjoys working with all levels of skaters from recreational to competitive. 

Angela Schramm

Coach Angela is a former World Professional Champion representing Great Britain and principal skater starring in numerous ice shows, exhibitions and theatre productions throughout the world. She has choreographed for National and World Champions. Angela enjoys sharing her passion with all levels of skaters and ages.

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